stream from unix STB on the road

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stream from unix STB on the road

Postby cyborgpunte » Sun Sep 29, 2013 7:48 pm

I'm been using Oplayer on my Ithing for a long time, and very happy with it.
I stream TV broadcasts (transcoded) from home when I'm on the road.
Now bought a cheap androidtablet for an other special purpose (lcd4linux).

Can't find out howto stream to my android Oplayer-lite that I do on my Ithing already.

I have a load of files with extension m3u (channel_name.m3u) on my SDcard
((on my Ithing they are "imported" to my_documents in Oplayer via samba,and the videostream starts OK))
the files are like this:
Code: Select all

on my android device they don't even show up, just the foldername on the SDcard.

please help me out.

and thanks for Oplayer IOS, love it.
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