How do I search for specific titles of video files?

OPlayer plays almost any file formats in your iDevice, no need to spend several hours to convert your videos.

How do I search for specific titles of video files?

Postby strawberryshortcake » Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:47 pm

Transferring my pc video files to my ipad and the oplayer automatically alphabetize them:

Local >> Ipod >> Movies

Sure, I have created custom playlists, such as tv sitcoms, movies, etc. which makes retrieval a bit easier but still not very efficient. To find a specific file, I must scroll and scroll and scroll. One of my dvd favorite movie that I ripped for portability is You’ve Got Mail. I received it as a gift a long time ago and still have the DVD.

But in order to retrieve it, I must scroll scroll scroll and scroll, and scroll down some more. It’s hidden all the way down.

Please look at the *player search function. The way the search function is setup allows me to access the file in about 1 seconds. The lack of a search function takes me about 10 to 15 seconds to retrieve and play. And if I’m actually trying to find a specific episode to a tv series (100 to 200 episode) it could even take 1-2 minutes because I am simply relying on visual inspection to scan the titles of each video file, and I may not even find it if I just so happen to scroll past it the first go around. With *player, I simply type any word for the desired video file in the search field, and up pops ANY file containing that exact word, which is absolutely fantastic.

I type "mail" and the results I get are:
You’ve Got Mail
Seinfeld Ep161 - Junk Mail.

If I simply type "m," i get all videos with the letter "m" found anywhere in the title (this is good)
When I type "ma" the search field filter starts narrowing down video titles containing "ma" (this is a good thing)
Type "mai" and the list continues to narrow.

And finally "mail" narrows down the search to the above two video files, you’ve got mail and seinfield’s junk mail. I would never have known there was a Seinfeld episode titled "junk mail" had it not been for *players search feature.
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Re: How do I search for specific titles of video files?

Postby admin » Mon Feb 05, 2018 8:27 am

thanks for your suggestion,we will consider it in the future update.
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